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Premium Scriptwriting Has Arrived

by Celtx

Celtx has become globally synonymous with accessible online scriptwriting – whether for the first-timer, seasoned veterans, or teams of industry professionals. While the Celtx Studio provides you with an expansive and ever-growing suite of story pre-production and shoot management tools, we haven’t forgotten that the creative journey begins on page one.

Available to all Celtx users, our new Premium Script Editor debuts with a slew of improvements in the form of new tools and features as well as under-the-hood performance upgrades. It makes the look, feel, and functionality of writing in Celtx better than ever, while also integrating more of your production tools in to the writing environment.

If you subscribe to a Celtx Studio plan, you’ll also gain access to these new features:

Enjoy seamless, real-time, and presence-aware simultaneous scriptwriting that allows you to write together with other creatives without ever missing a keystroke.

Subscribers can access highly customizable printout options. One-touch support for complicated formatting like dual-dialogue makes it easier to keep your script industry standard. What you see is what you get!

Control and adjust the presence of additional script elements at any time to ensure that your script looks exactly how you want it to: customize watermarks, typeset, footnotes, headers, page numbering, continuations, and more.

Our new Read Through feature lets you hear your story play out from any line at any time with fully customizable text-to-speech playback.

Writing in the dark? The script editor now includes a full-screen ‘Night Time’ mode for strain-free writing in low light environments.

Localized PDF generation provides greater support for users writing in non-Latin alphabets, such as Cyrillic.

Subscribing to Celtx means you’ll always be guaranteed access to new Premium Scriptwriting capabilities. Ready to give it a try? Sign in or sign up now to enjoy your new and improved writing experience.

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