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Celtx Features You Might Not Know About

Scriptwriting Software

Bolstered by the advancement of digital distribution technologies, video content, including film and TV, has entered a new renaissance, reaching audiences like never before. According to PwC‘s five-year projection, OTT (over the top) video revenue will grow to $24.6 billion USD, and TV advertising revenue will increase YOY (year on year) by 8.7%. The video game industry, also known for strong narrative content, is expected to grow by 7.3% as well.

But what does each of these industries have in common? They all start with effective scriptwriting and efficient pre-production processes. That’s why freelance script writers, in-house production teams, and video game developers turn to professional scriptwriting software like Celtx.

Today, we highlight a few features that you might not know about that demonstrate how Celtx can help you keep pace with burgeoning industry growth. Jump ahead to learn more about the scriptwriting, video production, and video game writing features most relevant to you and your team using the links below:

Before getting started with your reading, feel free to create a completely free Celtx account here and follow along and try out features as you go!

Scriptwriting Software

Scriptwriting Ideation Tools

If you’re a scriptwriter, Celtx scriptwriting software offers a lot of functionality to get you started. When you’re ready for more, Celtx online Studio offers additional tools through its multi-format script editors. With Celtx, great writing emerges – regardless of the medium.  

Get Your Production Team on Board With Storyboarding

For a visual medium, storyboards are an indispensable tool to bring your video sequences to life during the pre-production process. Similar to the sequential art of a graphic novel, the Storyboard provides your crew with a blueprint for your shots, and helps inform decisions about cinematography.

For each shot you create in the Storyboard, you can add images, and specify shot type – from an establishing wide shot to close up and everything in between. A description lets you add narrative or cinematographic notes beneath each shot.

Celtx Storyboard

In addition to providing a consistent, in-project visualization document for writers and directors in all film projects, the storyboard integrates directly into the script in Celtx Multi-Column AV projects, making both visualization and presentation a breeze.

Scriptwriting Software

Pre-Production Management Tools

Managing a video production is all about facilitating effective teamwork among your creative talent. Celtx Video Production plan enables your team to write, plan, and manage productions of any kind with an integrated script-to-shoot featureset.

In a previous article we’ve outlined how to  better manage your team’s video production process, using the many collaborative tools found in Celtx scriptwriting software. Let’s now turn our attention to how Celtx empowers you to manage your cast, crew, and other assets.

Hit the Reset Button on Your Shooting Schedule

Video production schedules don’t always run like clockwork. Luckily, you can easily reset your shooting schedule by using this simple trick. Start by opening up your Schedule in Celtx online Studio. From here, click the Manage Day Breaks button; the one that’s shaped like a crescent moon icon. Next, set the end of days to a number higher than the amount of scenes found in your script. This will remove all but one of your End of Day Strips and reorder your now unscheduled scenes sequentially (provided you haven’t enabled any filters).

Celtx Shooting Schedule

Get a Snapshot on Shot List Details, Directly From Your Script

Celtx works the way you do, employing multiple convenient ways to complete the task at hand. With the Celtx Shot List feature, you can easily annotate your live script with camera shots. Each of these shots can then be compiled into daily shot lists for your director and camera team, which provides a quick and up-to-date breakdown of shots for each day. 

But did you know that you can add a shot by tagging your script’s text? Simply open up the Shot List, and highlight a section of text on your script that you want to tag as needing a shot. This will open a shot creation menu, and automatically pull information from your script to populate some of the fields of the shot. It’s a real-time saver.

Celtx Shot List Details

Decode it With Breakdown Mode’s Color Coding

Depending on the project, scripts can become quite complex. A sprawling story arc for film or TV can have multiple characters, settings, and storylines to manage. Equally, client projects including a docu-series, or a video marketing campaign, present their own challenges. With Celtx scriptwriting software, you can find a simple answer to sort out the complexity, with the script Breakdown Mode.

Whereas a breakdown would normally require meticulous study during pre-production by the 1st A.D in tandem with the Director, line by line, Celtx streamlines. Isolate your script into scenes, and highlight, color-code, and tag different elements to assign them to the appropriate categories.  Color coding your shots in your script is carried over to your catalog.

If you’d like to learn more about this feature, check out our in-depth Breakdown Mode article.

Manage Change by Applying Globals to Your Budget

In production budgeting, Globals are variable rates and amounts that can be set for multiple budget items. They can be modified to change multiple items all at once.

Be sure to watch the Celtx Budgeting video overview for more on budgeting.

Applying Globals in Budgeting

Settle Resource Conflicts With Real-Time Reporting

Being flexible is a paramount trait for a successful video. But often the cascading effect throughout your production schedule means it’s better to stay ahead of any ‘surprises.’ Celtx Resource Conflict report is an easy way for you to see scheduling conflicts before your production grinds to a halt. 

Insights like these from Celtx enable you and your team to tackle bigger productions because you can confidently schedule multiple shooting units in a single production without the risk of double booking your cast and crew.

Read more about the many enterprise-level benefits of Celtx Pro for your professional team on our Help Center.

Celtx Game & VR

Game & VR Tools

The Celtx Game & VR Editor is built with writers in mind. Make creating interactive narratives easy and intuitive and provide your development team with expansive, exportable data models. Here’s a helpful tip to help your team game the system. 

Scriptwriting Software: A Template for Success

In Celtx Game & VR, you can use the Template feature to save story structures and reuse them in your script. Templates allow you to save existing node structures from your Story Map and reuse them to accelerate the creation of your narrative. 

Scriptwriting Software

In addition to the ones that you create, Celtx includes several default templates for you to experiment with – a great time saver.

Head over to the Celtx Help Center to learn more about the Celtx Template feature.

Scriptwriting Software

Get More Useful Tips on Celtx Scriptwriting Software

Celtx offers professionals many more features to get the job done. Whether you want to learn more about a specific feature, or you need a refresher, we have many more easy-to-follow, informative articles to help you get the most out of your investment in Celtx scriptwriting and pre-production software. Visit the Celtx Support site today. 

About Celtx Scriptwriting Software

Celtx sets the standard for collaborative creativity. Whether your project is meant for stage, film & TV, or game development, Celtx offers every member of your pre-production team the key features they need to collaborate effectively as a team. Celtx scriptwriting and pre-production software offers professionals hundreds of must-have features from script-to-shoot.


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