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How Celtx’s Multi-Column AV Script Editor Helps In-House Teams Streamline Pre-Production Workflow

by Celtx

Video production teams around the world are struggling to adapt to a new era of content creation, where every stage of the process means working farther apart, and using new technologies that allow for virtual collaboration to get the job done. In a time when more in-house teams and creative agencies are collaborating remotely than ever before, using the right production planning tools can mean the difference between projects that are on-time and on-schedule, and projects that are not.

For content creators around the world, Celtx’s Film and TV Script Editor tools have long helped address the challenges of fragmented workflows, with an all-in-one platform that streamlines the pre-production workflow from concept to camera. But what if your team creates short-form video content, such as ads, marketing materials, and other visual communications content?

Celtx’s Multi-Column AV Editor was built as a flexible and adaptable solution that supports the pre-production workflow required to keep short-format video projects on-schedule and on-budget. What makes the Multi-Column AV Editor unique is its shot-based structure, which allows in-house teams and creative agencies to pair scripts with detailed visual planning. 

Laptop on desk showing Celtx Shot List for in-house team Lockheed Martin's Insight: Landing on Mars video

A Visual Approach to Video Scriptwriting

To show how Celtx’s Multi-Column AV Editor changes and strengthens the scriptwriting and pre-production process for creating short-format video, we’re using an example from our client Lockheed Martin Space. 

The Multi-Column AV Script Editor allowed the Lockheed Martin Space team to plan the content’s narration independently of the visual cues that bring the feature to life. Planning using the Multi-Column AV Editor also allowed the team to show key footage alongside the narration, visual cues, and duration of each shot. 

Screenshot of Celtx's Multi-Column AV Script Editor for in- house teams video production planning.

Detailed Planning for Every Shot

It’s important to know not only what shots are going to tell your story, but how you’re going to get those shots. The Multi-Column AV Editor allows users to include advanced shot direction within the script using predefined or custom shot descriptors. All in one place, the team can learn everything they need to know; from shot size, angle, and focal length, to the cameras and equipment required. 

Screenshot showing expanded view of Celtx' Multi-Column AV Script Editor with shot planning details in view for in-house team video production planning.

The Multi-Column AV Editor integrates with all of the pre-production and production management tools available within Celtx’s online Studio. As you proceed through your pre-production workflow, your preparation in the Multi-Column AV Editor carries forward, helping you cut down on duplicate effort. 

Shot lists are generated from your script and ready for set in a single click.

Celtx Studio shot list, generated from the project's Multi-Column AV Script Editor for video production planning.

When it’s time to share your production planning with the full team, short-format scripts built with the Multi-Column AV Editor are ready. Turn your script into a storyboard-only view to create a digital presentation that’s perfect for sharing and getting buy-in from all stakeholders. 

Storyboard view of video script generated from Multi-Column AV Script Editor for in-house teams video production planning.

The Celtx Studio’s collaborative backbone means having access to features that facilitate working together to create a great final product. Each step of the process can be shared with as many or as few members of your team as needed. Gathering and actioning feedback is easy using comments and @mentions. 

Going Paperless

COVID-19 production safety coordinators are tasked with adhering to public safety guidelines, and to ensuring that every reasonable effort is made to protect the safety of all personnel on-set. Close contact is required to share physical copies of production documentation with cast and crew, and if production planning is adapted on the fly, this contact can also be constant. If your team is working remotely, or if you’re trying to keep your project’s documentation (both on-set and off) digitally accessible and in-line with COVID protocols, utilizing Celtx’s online Studio can help. 

Planning the production of short-format video content using Celtx’s Multi-Column AV Editor and comprehensive online Studio means integral production documentation can be created, edited, and shared electronically, minimizing close contact between those involved in the production. It’s as simple as inviting your teammates, cast, and crew to collaborate on your project, or using Celtx’s internal distribution system to send call sheets or other reposts with just a click.

Backed by Celtx’s Full Suite of Pre-Production Tools

The Multi-Column AV Editor fully integrates with the Celtx Studio’s complete pre-production toolset. When you need to get production-ready, springboard from your visual script and shot list into your breakdown, schedules, and call sheets with ease and efficiency.

Try Celtx’s Multi-Column AV Editor for Free

Try Celtx’s Multi-Column AV Script Editor for free as part of our 14-day trial, to learn more about how in-house teams and professional creators of short-format content use Celtx to centralize their pre-production planning.

Three laptops showing Celtx in-house teams pre-production tools; Shot List, Storyboard, and Multi-Column AV Script Editor.

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