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Celtx Joins Backlight. The Next Chapter for Our Company and Our Media Creator Community


More than twenty years ago, Celtx set out to change the way people think about creating media with an all-in-one online solution for writing, planning, and managing media production. Celtx co-founder, Chad House, and I believed in the potential of technology to transform creative collaboration and media creation. 

Back then, Celtx was a small, but mighty company. We stayed lean, took calculated risks, and focused on driving innovation. Whether you have an idea for a story or a start-up business, you have to believe in it for it to prosper. It wasn’t long before we were joined by a collaborative team of professional talent who believed in the idea as well. Slowly but surely, the company grew.

Since then, Celtx has helped millions of scriptwriters, filmmakers, and production studios transform their ideas and inspired scripts into engaging stories in film, television, games, and interactive media. Whenever we hear from our customers about the incredible projects they are working on or the powerful stories they are telling, we are truly humbled. 

We recognize the important role that media creators play in Celtx’s development and continued growth. Today, we are excited to tell you about the next chapter of Celtx’s story and what it means for the Studio and you, our valued customers. 

Industry Growth in Media Production

Media production and consumption has grown tremendously over our company’s lifetime. Video, film, TV, games, and interactive media reach a broader audience than ever before. As we look towards the horizon, we continue to invest in innovation so that creators have even more tools to participate in and capitalize on industry growth.

Last year, Celtx had a rare opportunity to be part of something big. That’s when we began talks with Backlight. As a media technology company, Backlight believes that the power of storytelling starts with empowering content owners and producers who benefit not just from one solution for quality content creation but many along with different points of their journey.

Celtx Joins Backlight

Backed by leading growth equity investment firm PSG, Backlight scaled its revenue and talent and sought to supercharge five fast-growing media technology brands, including ftrack, iconik, Wildmoka, and Zype – and Celtx!

Backlight is a holding company for award-winning software businesses in the video content lifecycle that focus on ideation, production, post-production, distribution, and analysis. Just as Celtx set out to solve challenges facing media creators, other visionaries and entrepreneurs under Backlight built their portfolio of solutions to solve their customers’ challenges in post-production, media asset management and streaming.

Celtx has always believed in the power of creative collaboration. With this new group of companies, we are confident that with the experience, resources, and leadership of Backlight, there are opportunities ahead for all members to innovate and increase the value of their customer offerings across the media creation process and beyond. 

Charting Out Future Success

Celtx is driven to help media creators and our customers succeed and make the best media possible. Through Backlight’s industry leadership, expertise, and resources Celtx can further invest, innovate, and bring to bear even more value for cloud-based media production solutions (Celtx for download is longer supported by Celtx) for our customers and creators around the world.

So what does this mean for the Celtx community? 

Celtx will continue to operate as an independent business. There won’t be any changes in our relationship with our valued community of creatives. You will still log in and use your Studio to access the scriptwriting and production tools that have become part of your creative process, the same as you always have. 

The only difference is that Celtx will have the resources and backing to realize its full ambition for Celtx’s Studio so that you, the creator, can better realize yours.

To learn more about Backlight and our sister companies read the press release announcement.

Read the Press Release


  • Mark Kennedy

    Mark Kennedy is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO)and Founder at Celtx. Celtx is a St. John’s-based company which makes scriptwriting and pre-production software for the film and video game industries.

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