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Cast & Crew: Celtx Gets Personnel

by Celtx

You have a brand new way of organizing every person that makes up your production.

The world of film and video production is all about teamwork. The talented people— both on-screen and behind the scenes— that make up your cast and crew will bring your project to life. No matter what size your shoot is, keeping an organized list of everyone involved is important, but can be challenging. With the new Cast & Crew feature in your Celtx Studio, we set out to create a simple, all-in-one solution for keeping track of each and every person in your production.

Before introducing our Cast & Crew feature, the Catalog feature in Celtx was doing double duty, acting as a running database of both your production assets and the people on your team. Now Celtx users have a separate, full-fledged tool to organize the human element of your productions, helping to streamline things and open up new possibilities. For all production-related assets, the Catalog is still the dedicated space. For any person or company who joins the production, Cast & Crew is where to find them.

This new feature has been added to your project view and can be found under the “Plan” tab.

Cast & Crew - Plan Tab

It allows you to get a snapshot of your entire personnel, broken down into the categories of cast, crew, and vendors. You can narrow the focus to a single category, or view all categories at once.

Cast, Crew, and Vendors

Adding a new member to your list is as simple as a single click. From there, you can enter more details about each person added, such as photos, notes, contact information, and budget needs. You can also sort your list however you like by clicking on any column to sort by that item.

Cast & Crew: sort option

For each category, you can also differentiate between departments. Your cast list will have sub-categories for principal cast, actors, stunt performers, and background performers. Your crew list will be broken down into all the different departments in your production, and you can easily add your own custom departments if needed.

Your cast and crew list also integrates seamlessly into your Celtx workflow, such as your Call Sheet templates and Day out of Days Reports.

To learn more about the Cast & Crew feature, you can watch our Help Center video, or give it a try in your Celtx Studio.

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