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Beat Sheets by Celtx | Unlock Your Creative Potential 

by Matthew Melay

One of the biggest challenges for scriptwriters is starting with a blank page. We all have stories to tell, but getting fired up takes an initial spark of creativity. At Celtx, we’re always looking for new ways to help our community of writers unleash their creativity.

To that end, we’re introducing a new ideation tool: the Celtx Beat Sheets! 

What is the Celtx Beat Sheets?

The Beat Sheet is an upgrade to the Celtx Studio’s previous story development tool, Index Cards, and it enables you to visualize your story before you begin scriptwriting. Celtx’s latest ideation tool makes planning and arranging story beats easier than ever.

Structure Your Storytelling

The wide-open canvas of the Beat Sheet allows you to structure your story however you please – add a beat, give it a title, jot down a seed of an idea, and color code it to keep your sequences and plot points organized. We designed the Beat Sheet with flexibility in mind.

One way to use the beat sheet is to group your ideas around the familiar three-act structure. 

Act 1 is the setup of your story, where we meet characters and learn about their world. It’s the foundation of your story and a great way to get the audience invested in the journey ahead. Here you could group beats to outline exposition, inciting incident, and the first plot point of your script.

In act 2, you raise the stakes and unfold the central conflict. At this point in the story, your characters must face obstacles, make difficult decisions, and learn valuable lessons. It’s an exciting act, so be sure to bring the action to keep your audience engaged. Add beats that outline the rising action, the midpoint of the story, and plot point 2.

Act 3 is when the conflict resolves, and your story reaches its climax. Your characters will apply what they’ve learned and put their plans into action, culminating in a resolution that will leave the protagonist (and hopefully your audience) changed forever. Group beats to outline the pre-climax, climax, and denouement.

Ultimately the choice is yours on how to outline your script with the Beat Sheet, so get creative!

Sunsetting of Index Cards

As part of introducing the new Beat Sheet tool, we’ll be sunsetting the Index Card story development tool in the coming months. If you’re a Celtx subscriber, please take a moment to migrate your Index Card data to the Beat Sheet and explore its exciting new features.

Learn More About the Beat Sheet

Using the Celtx Beat Sheet is a great way to help with the story ideation process from beginning to end. To learn more, read our Help Center article, or if you’re an existing Celtx subscriber, log into your studio and start brainstorming your next script!


  • Matthew Melay

    Matthew Melay is a technology enthusiast and contributing writer for Celtx. His articles cover transformative technologies for film & TV and interactive media industries, including script writing, media production, and narrative design software.

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