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Celtx 3.0 What's Up?

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

If you've signed in to your Celtx Studio anytime since mid-August, you may have noticed we're trying to get your attention on an important matter.

We've offered you the option to go ahead and check out our redesign whenever you want.  For those who are used to our current online studio, we don't want to interrupt you mid-project with our shiny new studio. But for those who love all things new and bright, we don't want to hold anything back either!

What does all this mean? Well, on October 01 the grand unveiling occurs for everyone with a Celtx account.

This new Celtx (we like to call it Celtx 3.0) is still going to do all the things you're used to, but we've improved workflows and we're adding new features.

For instance, in Celtx 3.0 you can add images to your script. These images then become part of the new media library associated with your project and can be assigned in your catalog to any of your breakdown items.

From workflow perspective, we're enhancing the way teams work and making it easier for users to keep project files connected to each other. You'll also find more customisation in your studio, especially as relates to the visual elements.

With any change though, there are always questions:

Will all my files change with me?

Yes. Absolutely! All your files will stay intact.

What about my shared files and my team account?

If you previously shared files, they'll stay shared. If you're a member of a team or a team admin, that won't change either.

Will the templates remain the same?

Our templates are industry standard, so we won't be changing those! What you see when you create a new project though will look different. You'll have an option to pick from Film and TV (Screenplay), Video (AV Script), Stageplay, Audio (Radio Scripts), or Comic Script. You'll also be able to directly create a project from a .fdx file. Sketches and Novels are availabled as add-on files within a project.

Will my current features change?

Only in that they'll get better!

The only big change to the way things currently work is an organisational one. By creating a "project first" design we've responded to your queries and compliments on how your team uses Celtx. Each time you create a script, all of the associated documents create alongside it and are ready for when you need them, with the links intact. These files are shared, within the project, to your Studio Members so you'll all always be on the same page.

The only thing that you might notice is the new studio does not have folders in your main view. If you currently have projects and other files stored in folders, we advise you to move them from the folder before you make the switch. Whether you choose to do this or not, anything in those folders will still migrate to your new Studio with you; they'll just be easier for you to manage if they're not in a folder. Folders inside projects, though, will stay intact!

Will I still be able to upload my desktop files?

Yes. Although the old classic desktop software is now discontinued, some of you may still have files that you'd like to use in your online studio! Just save those files as downloaded .celtx files. You can then drag and drop them into your online Studio on the main page. There's more info on this process here.

I'm already subscribed. Do I need to resubscribe or change my account?

There's no need to make any changes to your account or billing info. Your subscription remains the same price and will continue to auto-renew as always (until or unless cancelled within your Studio, of course)

So what exactly has changed?

Now when you start a new script you'll create it as a New Project. Even if you have a Basic/Free account for scriptwriting only, all the associated files will be created at the precise moment you create your script. Why? Well, those files are connected to each other. In order to use Celtx at it's best, you should always have a project. If you do move towards producing that script, you've got all the files already at your disposal when you upgrade your plan for the pre-production features. If you're already subscribed you'll see that projects are an easy way to manage all your files.

When you start a New Project, it will default as shared with your studio. You can turn this on or off the moment you start it, rather than having to go in afterward to decide what to share and with whom. You can always unshare individual files in your project if you want, but everyone works best when they have access to all the files relevant to the project

We've already mentioned the new features like media in scripts and media libraries. There's more coming down the pipeline too. We're really excited about all the new features you'll be seeing this year and we really hope you are too.

As always, we welcome and encourage your feedback, questions and suggestions which you can share with us anytime through our help centre, our social media or by emailing support at

Shore Scripts: Enter NOW to Have Your Script Discovered

Friday, 28 August 2015

Celtx helps you sell your script by providing an industry standard formatting tool and collaboration tools that make getting feedback easy. However, when it comes to meeting the people to sell your script to, we don't provide that.

That is why it was important to us to team up with Shore Scripts this year. We've negotiated a discount on the application fee for our users because we want to see your scripts discovered as badly as you do!

The main purpose of Shore Scripts is to get the best scripts made. The prizes are really secondary to this goal. Hundreds of production companies and agents have signed up to read the top scripts and Shore Scripts will forward your script and contact information to those producers and agents if they think it's a fit.

Of course, prizes are nice too. Their industry judges are award-winning actors, writers, producers and directors. And they'll be awarding an amazing packet of five prizes for Features and three for Shorts.

But you can't win if you don't enter. And even sadder, you can't get your script shown to those production companies and agents if you don't enter.

It's hard, I know, summoning the fortitude to finish and the courage to submit, especially when the prize is so substantial. However, the prize isn't lost if you don't win, because it was never yours to begin with. What is lost is an amazing opportunity. An opportunity that is yours right now (but only until August 31).

It's hard to measure the value of opportunity, but considering the cost is so low (plus you get a further 10% discount) we're pretty sure this is a gamble you'll want to take. 

So, your script isn't perfect? Enter it anyway.

So, you've never won anything before? Now's your chance.

So, you don't want to waste your money? A wasted opportunity costs more.

So, your script isn't finished? You have three days.

You have three days. Write. Submit. And be proud of yourself for taking that step. The only losers are the people who never try.

Announcing the Winner! @Celtx is taking ??? to @StoryExpo!

Monday, 24 August 2015

One very lucky and talented individual is about to go on the trip of a lifetime with the @Celtx take me to @StoryExpo contest.

Yes, it's an all-expense paid trip to LA. But even better, it's a one-hour story consultation with pro Linda Seger and a full-access pass to Story Expo 2015 - the conference for writers and storytellers of all kinds.

It was very difficult to pick a winner. We said at the outset that we'd pick from amongst the highest voted winners, rather than necessarily the one with the highest votes because we wanted to make sure the person we selected best reflected our brand.

But it was still hard.

In fact, the highest voted video was one of our absolute favorites:

"Listening to great stories, reading great stories and living great stories shows us how to look at the stories of our lives and the stories of others."

Amir's entry was one of our earliest and we all love it. He won't be walking away empty-handed. 

Our other runner up was a truly remarkable and moving production. The mood, the story, the cinematography and editing were touching and wonderful

"I was born to create and I refuse to sit and rot with butterflies in my stomach."

I think that's one of the most beautiful explanations of creativity I've ever heard. Ebba too was a top contender and she'll be receiving her own special prize.

However, when it came down to it, we had to pick just one winner. A later contender to the game, our winner's video was polished, creative and highly informative in exactly one minute. It was fun and embraced the spirit of Celtx and creativity in it's own special way.

So we've decided to #LetLeslieLive and send Paul to LA.

Paul Westbrook is originally from London, but now lives in Melbourne, Australia. Although he trained as an actor at drama school, Paul has a new found love for writing and directing which was sparked by a recent mockumentary-style comedy he created about his time living in an Australian Backpacker's Hostel. Paul is eager to take as much as he can from Story Expo to further this project and many more to come.

He's working on the production with Mad Alice Media and promises to bring  all the knowledge he gains at Story Expo (and maybe some kitschy souvenirs) to his production team!

And if you entered and didn't win? It's not because we don't love you. We really really do! But sometimes hard decisions have to be made. Don't worry though! We've got more contests planned and we know you'll love them!

Enter @Celtx take me to @Story Expo Contest: Win a Trip to LA

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

It’s the world’s biggest convention of writers. From craft to business to career, Story Expo 2015 promises to have it all. 

And Celtx wants to take you - or a member of your production team! 

Create a video telling us why you want to go and you could win a trip to L.A. to attend Story Expo 2015, including airfare, hotel and $500 spending cash, plus a special hour long workshop with top story analyst Linda Seger.

How do I apply?
Video pitch us your story. Tell us - in 60 seconds or less - why you have to be at Story Expo; why it’ll help your team; what makes you stand out?

Post the video to YouTube, Vine or Instagram and enter it on our contest platform

Once you’ve submitted your link, tweet “@Celtx take me to @StoryExpo” and get your fans voting.

Who should apply?

Whether you're a brand team trying to develop your story, a student, an independent filmmaker, a freelance screenwriter, a vlogger or any other form of "storyteller" as long as you're a resident of earth, age 18+ and can tell us why you need to go, you can apply.

What exactly are you looking for?

It's easier to tell you what we're not looking for. We don't want to see your trailers or your pitches. We don't want to see minimal effort or reposts of previously created videos. What we want to see is an original and creative video that shows us that you can benefit from attending Story Expo. Visit their website, check out their workshops, tell us about yourself and why those workshops would benefit you.

When will you announce the winner? How will you decide?

The contest closes at midnight ET on August 21. We'll announce the winner the following Monday, August 24th. The winner will be the person who submits the most compelling and creative video with the most votes. Popularity alone won't win - your video must stand out for more reasons than votes.

Where can I go if I have more questions?

Comment on our FB post, Tweet us @Celtx or post it to our helpdesk at and we'll be happy to respond!

You can also read the full contest rules for more info.

We can't wait to see your videos! And don't forget to follow @Celtx and @StoryExpo on twitter for updates!

Art Isn't Sexy but Check Out That Beard: An Interview with Emerging Artist Nathan Dean.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

A while ago, I had the (mis)fortune of a little twitter sparring with a couple of chaps about Celtx and their latest production and...well, a beard.

Things get strange on Twitter, but not likely as strange as they will on stage at the upcoming production of Art Isn't Sexy on July 17 at The Drill Hall, Lincoln, UK.

After mocking his fine beard on Twitter, I took some time to chat with Nathan Dean via email about his project: