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Reasons Why Educators Teach Media Production With Celtx

by Matthew Melay
Media production

In the early days of filmmaking, mastering one’s craft meant apprenticing with someone more experienced to gain the necessary skills to work on a film set. As the motion picture industry grew, the rationalization of roles and discrete stages in video production emerged; filmmaking was becoming more interdisciplinary. Soon after, film schools and post-secondary education programs were established to offer students holistic education in media production. 

But with the broadened scope of filmmaking comes new challenges for educators as they prepare their students for successful careers in creative industries like film & TV. Educators need a teaching solution that can help integrate concepts beyond the basics of scriptwriting into their curriculum and provide the student with an interactive and engaging learning experience during and post COVID-19.

Media production

Challenges Facing Media Educators

Educators who struggle to deliver a holistic curriculum in media production may also struggle with these common challenges:

  • Uncertainty following the global pandemic. Continuity of education and remote learning remains a perennial issue.
  • Adoption of new technology due to the budgetary constraints of academic departments.
  • Managing technology upgrades: traditional educational applications place the burden on the school.
  • Keeping pace with the latest hardware requirements for education software can be expensive. 
  • Lack of trained support for instructors to fully leverage online-based learning platforms to the benefit of their students.

The pandemic has demonstrated the benefit of technology adoption and how it can transform education by empowering students to learn and collaborate both inside and outside the classroom.

Media production

A Modern Solution for the Modern Media Educator

Celtx for Education provides a robust pre-production feature set that accommodates the workflows of many interdisciplinary areas of arts education such as creative writing, journalism, film & TV, video production, performance production, theater, game design, animation, photography, and more.

Inspire young minds to frame their creativity within each phase of production from concept to camera. Easy to use, Celtx offers a collaborative environment where educators can guide students through individual and group assignments in writing, planning, and management aspects of media production. Working together they’ll learn the essential skills needed to succeed in a rewarding career in creative industries.

Celtx for Education enables instructors to issue licenses to students, administer media projects, assign groups, and engage with their students to impact learning outcomes with student-centric teaching aids.

Media production

A First-In-Class Solution For Educators

For the instructor, Celtx for Education makes planning your scriptwriting or video production classes easy with features that provide visibility and stewardship of their studio classes:

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Studio-Wide Access to Industry Tools

Teach students with access to industry-standard functionality including the script editors for the stage, film & TV, narrative video games, and more.

Celtx for education
Instructors can administer media projects to their students and provide them with access to the necessary scriptwriting and production tools whether it’s scriptwriting for film & TV, narrative-driven video games, or collaborating on the next phase of pre-production.

Administrative Control Over the Studio

Manage a centralized online studio space where your students can work independently or collaboratively. You, as the administrator, can create and assign working groups, supervise student projects, and provide feedback while maintaining complete control over their studio permissions.

Celtx for education
Celtx for Education empowers instructors with administrative controls to manage student licenses, and recycle them at the end of the semester for the next class.

Recyclable Licenses 

Recycle seat licenses. Easily transfer studio licenses at the end of the semester, while allowing out-going students to export their work. Re-assign licenses to your new class at no additional cost.

Privacy Protection

The Celtx Privacy Policy meets or exceeds all the requirements to protect the privacy of students as mandated by COPPA  and FERPA. The Celtx Privacy Policy is also compliant with the European General Data Protection (GDPR).

Training Materials

Access online training and teaching resources designed by Celtx experts with the instructor and student in mind. Students can access help articles and video tutorials from within the studio to learn at their own pace. 

Celtx for education
Celtx for Education Group Management feature. Instructors can manage and assign students to group projects from within the web-based studio.

Classroom Management

Assign students to groups and facilitate teamwork with collaborative tools. Gain oversight on the progress of both individuals and groups.

Interactive Studio Experience for Your Students

Celtx for Education includes all of the features you’d expect from the Celtx all-in-one scriptwriting and pre-production solution with the addition of administrative features designed specifically for educators. While there are too many features to list here, a few highlights that educators enjoy include:

Script Insights

Set writing goals, track progress, and writing habits, and visually analyze the content of the student’s script to help improve their story.


Students can build expansive, structured storyboards in tandem with their scripts. With an integrated shot blocking tool, they can plan, organize, and share their project with you or other students.

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Shot List

Students realize their creative vision with visualization of their script through the shot list. Annotate scripts with camera shots, and compile daily shot lists to guide each shooting day’s setup and schedule.


When students open the schedule, the first thing they’ll see is the stripboard, where every scene will be automatically represented as a unique color-coded strip. This makes organizing a shoot easy.


Simplify and facilitate your syllabus by assigning students to groups where they can work together on projects. These groups are able to enjoy full communication and collaboration with each other.

For a complete breakdown of features visit the Celtx for Education page.

How Does Celtx for Education Work

Celtx for Education does not require lengthy deployment or software installation like conventional applications. The online Studio is accessible by students through any web browser or mobile device. Class instructors and students create a Celtx account by signing up at www.celtx.com.

To participate in Celtx, users simply create and verify their own online Celtx account at Celtx.com using an email address and password. They can then log in to their studio account from anywhere using a web browser.

Designed With Academic Institution Budgets In Mind

Celtx offers comprehensive professional scriptwriting and pre-production tools for film, television, and narrative game development with the budget of academic institutions in mind. Certified educators save 80% on Celtx for Education plans

Volumized licensing discounts are available to accredited institutions including K-12 schools, school districts, post-secondary institutions, film schools, as well as non-profit organizations.

Modern Educators Benefit From Modern Teaching Tools

Today, the film & TV industry is experiencing unprecedented growth and transformation. The dynamism of creative industries means that educators often struggle to integrate concepts beyond the basics of scriptwriting into their curriculum in an impactful way. 

Affordable, flexible, and professional, Celtx for Education offers an online studio for preparing the next generation of creatives for careers in scriptwriting, pre-production, and narrative game development; this is truly a first-in-class platform for media production educators.


  • Matthew Melay

    Matthew Melay is a technology enthusiast and contributing writer for Celtx. His articles cover transformative technologies for film & TV and interactive media industries, including script writing, media production, and narrative design software.

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