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Introducing Offline Mode

by Celtx

You can always count on Celtx to provide a world-class screenwriting experience, whether you’re online or not. We let you create with confidence, no matter where you are.

Heading somewhere with unreliable internet? Trying to save data? Just want to get away from it all? We’ve got you covered. You can use our new beta Offline Mode to cache any number of your Celtx screenplays directly to your device.

This one-click solution allows you to access and write in your Celtx Studio without an active internet connection. When your internet sabbatical is over, you can bring your screenplays back online at which point they’ll be updated, saved to the cloud, and ready for sharing and collaboration.

The Offline Mode beta is currently available to all Celtx subscribers who are using Google Chrome. Sign in or sign up to give your creative process a bit more latitude.

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