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Why In-House Marketing Teams Need Video Production Management Software

Video production management software
Why In-House Marketing Teams Need Video Production Management Software

After a year of exceptional challenges, there are few folks who haven’t seen their day-to-day routines and work lives change drastically. Despite this massive shift in how we conduct our lives, people did what they do best: adapt. We all found ways to get by and get things done. In fact, if you are a part of an in-house agency, marketing team, or creative agency, you might even say that you are more productive, inventive, and effective than pre-pandemic. With the right tools and technology, like a streamlined and easy-to-use video production management software, remote work, collaboration, and documentation can help any in-house team revamp their processes to improve creativity.

Cella, an award-winning leader in consulting, staffing, and managed solutions for creative, marketing, and in-house agencies, recently released their 2021 In-House Creative Industry Report. This annual report reveals trends surrounding the in-house creative industry, based on the results of surveys and interviews conducted with hundreds of industry representatives. The findings from this 2021 report highlight the adaptability and resiliency of the industry, and inform on what’s being produced by in-house creatives, and how.

The Celtx Team has put together a highlight reel of all of the goodness in this report, along with some helpful tips and tricks, so you have all of the info you need on why in-house marketing teams need video production management software.

Highlights From the Cella 2021 In-House Creative Industry Report

Remote Work

Remote work continues: 80% of in-house creative teams surveyed in this report are still working remotely all of the time, which means that these teams are working virtually and collaboratively. Along with the shift to working from home, 91% of in-house agencies say that the productivity of their team is the same, or better, than before the pandemic.

Productive virtual collaboration requires some form of agile creative management software, and more than 80% of in-house teams agree. If your in-house creative team is going to amp up their video production as part of your marketing or branding strategy, you’ll need a cloud-based solution that supports remote, virtual, and agile collaboration on video to help get the job done. 

Digital Media Production

Digital media production is dominating in-house agencies’ workload, and traditional forms of digital media, such as  print media, have been all but abandoned. This change has been coming for quite some time, but in 2020 alone digital design, social media design and copywriting, live action video creation, and animated video development have become the focus of in-house agencies as a way to reach their audiences in an effective way. 71% of in-house creative professionals surveyed in the Cella 2021 report provide video production services, and are growing their dedicated video staff; it is now common to have at least three people fully dedicated to video content creation as part of an in-house team.

This increase in live action and animated video content development, and the push to hire more video production staff, means there is a greater need for in-house agencies to manage ideation, scriptwriting, pre-production, and production virtually. In-house agencies are beginning to leverage video production management software, like the Celtx Studio, for greater visibility into each important phase of the production process.

Growth and Documentation

96% of in-house agencies have reported that their team has either stayed the same size, or has grown during 2020. This growth is in part attributable to how quickly in-house teams reacted and adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, in-house agencies are stepping back to evaluate talent, skills, and technologies needed to succeed moving forward. 

Companies are gathering requirements and exploring options for viability, and considering the  move to advanced or new technology to better support remote work in 2021. If your team is following the same trend of working remotely, you should be planning for what tech stack you’ll need to support remote work and project management in the future; this might include what software you’ll use to organize, structure, and document your team’s workflow. 

47% of the Cella 2021 In-House Creative Industry Report respondents indicated everything in their workflow process is documented – and workflow documentation is only going to accelerate over time. Documentation is key to developing efficient, repeatable processes, as well as tracking project history. Luckily, if you’re a part of an in-house video production team, you have software like Celtx that will make documenting each step of your project almost effortless.

Teaming Up

In-house agencies are working with outside agencies and freelancers more than ever: according to the Cella report, 82% of creative teams and in-house agencies partner with external agencies, and 90% of those surveyed plan to utilize contractors and freelancers to support their growing body of work in the future. Paired with the increase in video production undertaken by in-house teams, it’s safe to say that utilizing contractors and freelancers for video production will increase as well.

It’s going to be important to plan to be able to incorporate those contractors, freelancers, and external teammates in the work in-house agencies are doing, and to foster communications that allow work to flow. With video production management software like Celtx Pro, any studio manager can control administrative access on all projects and files for permanent team members, with the added bonus of being able to grant contractors and freelancers access to projects and files using flex seats. 


With all of these changes in growth, focus, documentation, and workflow, there are bound to be some challenges. Cella asked their in-house creative survey respondents to answer a few questions on some of the challenges they have experienced over the past year, and in their field generally. 65% of those surveyed said they felt that they did not have enough time for creativity. When asked what the greatest challenge for creative leaders was, 36% reported that they felt there wasn’t enough time to complete work of a certain quality. 

If you and your team are experiencing some of these challenges and are looking for solutions, video production management software can help! Creative management software can assist your in-house team in completing projects efficiently, collaborating effectively, and will decrease the work required to populate the all-important documentation your team needs to succeed.

Celtx’s scriptwriting and pre-production tools help professional teams, like in-house agencies, collaborate on production of video and interactive content, engage outside talent in a flexible and controlled way, maintain and manage process and planning documentation, and streamline workflows – leaving more time for creativity.

If your growing team is planning to focus in on digital media and video content creation, and are looking for a more effective way to organize, document, and collaborate – get in touch! We’d love to help you spend less time organizing, so you focus on creating great content faster. 


  • Noel Moffatt, a graduate of Memorial University in St.John's NL, now works as an SEO specialist for Celtx to help people transform great ideas into scripts.

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