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How To Make Script Sides

celtx script sides how to

Sides are great. On set they serve as a constant reference point for both actors and crew, containing all the information relevant to the day’s shoot – especially the script pages for each scene on the schedule. You’ll find them folded up in everyone’s pocket, piled high on every available surface, and serving as coasters for the never-ending supply of coffee cups. But how do they get made? The following video lays it out for you – step by step:

As you can see, the old fashioned way isn’t the best for efficiency, waste reduction, or your P.A.’s sanity. Celtx makes creating sides easier on everyone – no staplers, no markers, and no mountains of wasted paper. Check out the tutorial below for rundown of how you can instantly create and distribute sides in your Studio, then sign in and try it out.



  • Stephen Stanford is the Product Owner of Celtx Gem. Born in Newfoundland and based in Toronto, Stephen was originally trained in film production and screenwriting, and also serves as Celtx's Writer-In-Residence.

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