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Summer Features Roundup

by Celtx

For most of you, summer has finally arrived and we’re sure that you’re itching to shake off the cobwebs and go enjoy some rejuvenating weather. We support this wholeheartedly, and we don’t want to encourage you to spend more time indoors than you already are, but… we’ve been busy.

That’s right! Despite our entire team working from home in their pyjamas for the past three months, we’ve been charging forward with a variety of exciting new features to make creating in Celtx easier than ever (and with some added visual flair as well).

@Mentions for Comments

We’ve streamlined the Celtx Studio commenting system and added enhanced collaboration. Comments now replace Notes in your script editor, include text highlighting when associated with script content, and allow you mention other collaborators or team members using simple @ functionality.

When you mention another user, they will receive an email notifying them that their attention is required. Responding to a mention will automatically notify the original writer as well. The result? Dynamic, intuitively threaded internal communication that ensures nothing gets overlooked. This new functionality is available for all Celtx project types.

Enhanced History Tools

Celtx automatically saves your script every time a change is made, ensuring that you’re always able to iterate backwards to recover an earlier version of your work. To improve the clarity and organization of our history system, we’ve made some big changes to how your saves are presented to you.

Each version of your script will now be presented in nested containers, organized by day. Within these containers, you will see each individual save and enjoy the ability to name and flag ones that you’d like to have stand out. Additionally, if you’re using revision mode, the appropriate revision color will be applied to your saves!

Breakdown & Catalog Improvements

We’ve made big changes to the look and feel of the breakdown system and your project catalog to make your production planning faster and easier to organize (and much prettier).

Breakdown mode now includes a ‘find next’ function for tagging items and an improved color-scheme that matches what you’ll see in the catalog. Speaking of the catalog, we’ve completely redesigned the organization and navigation components to be easier to navigate and manage with new merging and mass deletion options for unwanted breakdown items.

Custom Title Pages

You may have been taught to never deviate from proper formatting when it comes to your screenplay, and this is largely true. However, when it comes to the title page, you have a bit of wiggle room. Flashier title pages are increasingly common these days as a way to package your script and make it stand out. We want to help in this department.

You’re now able to edit the style and layout of your title page, as well as add images to put a greater personal touch on your work. We’re just getting started here, so stay tuned for more!

Episode Addition

Feel like expanding the scope of one of your projects? We’ve added a new tool that allows you to add additional episodes on the fly. No more having to start a new project if you feel like taking an episodic approach. This feature also allows you to increase the size of existing episodic projects as well.

Ready to start?

These features are now live and ready for use in your Celtx Studio. Sign in or sign up today and kick off the summer with some new creative energy! That being said, if you’d rather go outside first, we completely understand. They’ll be waiting for you when you come back. Wear sunscreen.

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