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The Story Development Plan

by Celtx

With features like Script Insights, revision mode, index cards, and storyboards, the new Story Development plan offers Celtx writers a powerful creative workspace with just the right features you need to conceptualize, write, and enrich a script or screenplay.

Take your scripts farther with a robust set of tools built to assist and inspire your creativity.

Script Insights: Take a deeper look at your progress and stay motivated with dynamic goal tracking and real-time analytics of your writing performance and script content.

Revision Mode: Track changes to your script, draft by draft.

Index Cards: Keep your ideas organized and integrate your story-building process.

Storyboards: Create visually and develop your script’s cinematic approach.

Our new subscription plans are structured a little differently to make sure you and your team have access to the right tools, at the right scale, for the right price.

It’s not just the Story Development plan that’s new – the Script Production & Episodic Productions plan offer exclusive tools and functionality designed to help professional teams maximize their production efficiency.

Get the full breakdown on our latest subscription options:

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