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Schedule Improvements: Filtering & Exporting

by Celtx

We’re always working to make managing your shoot as painless as possible. The latest round of upgrades to the Celtx Studio’s Schedule make it easier to organize, fine-tune, and distribute your schedules and call sheets.

Schedule Filtering

celtx schedule filter

Anyone who’s scheduled a major project knows how dense stripboards can get. The new schedule filter menu enables you to hide specific components of your stripboard and pare things down to concentrate on priority items. Zero in on specific shooting days, interiors or exteriors, locations, and more.

Exportable Callsheets

celtx call sheet export
The callsheet is the single most important production document – every minute of the shoot hinges on them being accurate and available. To give users greater control over distribution and formatting, Celtx can now export studio-generated callsheets into Google Sheets. From there, you can fine-tune, customize, and reformat your callsheet to meet your unique production needs – and make them accessible to crewmembers without having to bring them into your Studio.

These new features are available to all users subscribed to a Script or Episodic productions plan. Sign in now and start streamlining your schedule.

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