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Project Foldering & Archiving

by Celtx

Helping you manage your creative output is one of Celtx’s primary objectives. Our latest improvement to your Studio allows you to arrange your material in any way you see fit.

Get rid of the clutter with the new foldering and archiving tool. This feature allows you to create a customized filing system for organizing your work. For example, you could group your projects together by genre, format, completion status, or deliverable dates – how you do it is up to you. These folders are easy to create, and projects can be transferred between them at any time. If you’re working with a team on multiple projects, it’s also provides a great way to keep them focused on their respective assignments.

If you have old, completed, or back-burner projects that you’d like to set aside, you can now store them in a permanent project archive. This will remove these projects from your primary studio view, but they can be accessed and restored at any time.

Organization is the key to efficiency. Sign in to your Studio now and start tidying up.

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