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Pixel Crushers’ Dialogue System for Unity Now Supports Celtx Game & VR Scripts

Celtx Game & VR Studio is designed to give your narrative teams the kind of immediate and holistic technical lift that is normally reserved for internal or bespoke solutions in an accessible, off-the-shelf package. For the writer, it makes creating interactive narratives easy and intuitive. For the broader development team, it possesses a robust reporting and export system, which allows you to instantly generate and extract your narrative’s content and structure for integration with other game production tools.

Celtx Game & VR x Pixel Crushers’ Dialogue System for Unity

If one of your primary points of integration for game development software tools is the Unity game engine, getting your content into production just got a lot faster. We’re pleased to announce Pixel Crushers’ popular Dialogue System for Unity (used as a key narrative tool in such popular games as Disco Elysium) now supports the importing of Celtx Game & VR scripts.

Exporting Celtx Scripts to Pixel Crushers’ Dialogue System

Pixel Crushers’ Unity asset provides an expansive tailored interface for building interactive dialogue encounters, quests, and cutscene sequencing within your Unity project. Exporting your Celtx Game & VR project into the Pixel Crushers’ Dialogue System will populate these tools by creating actor, dialogue, and logic objects, as well as automatically reproducing your Storymap as playable interactive conversation trees.

Depicted below, is a dialogue object on the script page in a Celtx Game & VR project.


And here it is once imported into the Pixel Crushers’ Dialogue System for Unity.


Great Dialogue

Using our two systems in tandem offers substantial acceleration to your narrative ideation, writing, and game production workflows. Celtx professional Game & VR Editor enables you to build very large and sophisticated narratives, while Pixel Crushers’ Dialogue System for Unity helps you quickly import them into interactive dialogues in your projects.

Here’s what a finished product looks like.


If you’d like to give it a try, fire up your Game & VR Studio and check out Pixel Crushers on the Unity Asset Store.

Ready Your Celtx Script for Import into Pixel Crushers’ Dialogue System

To export your script to the Pixel Crushers’ Dialogue System for Unity, there are a few simple formatting techniques to keep in mind. We created a new step-by-step article to ensure your content is adapted properly. Head over to the Celtx Help Center to read Formatting Your Script Content for Compatibility with the Dialogue System for Unity.

Level Up Your Game Development Project with Celtx Game & VR

The Pixel Crushers’ Dialogue System for Unity integration with Celtx scripts is a real game-changer. For development teams, it’s yet another reason why Celtx Game & VR makes creating interactive narratives easy and intuitive, while also providing the broader development team with expansive, exportable data models.

If you’d like to add greater depth to your game development workflow, contact our sales team to schedule an in-depth Celtx Game & VR product demonstration today.

About Celtx

Celtx’s scriptwriting and pre-production tools help professional teams, like in-house agencies, collaborate on the production of video and interactive content, engage outside talent in a flexible and controlled way, maintain and manage process and planning documentation, and streamline workflows – leaving more time for creativity.

About Pixel Crushers

Pixel Crushers creates interactive entertainment and developer tools for video game developers. Notable products include the Dialogue System for Unity, Quest Machine, and Love/Hate, found in Game of the Year titles and products across all platforms.


  • Stephen Stanford is the Product Owner of Celtx Gem. Born in Newfoundland and based in Toronto, Stephen was originally trained in film production and screenwriting, and also serves as Celtx's Writer-In-Residence.

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