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Perspectives: Getting Inspirational with Life.Church

Life.Church Creative Media is the creative team at Life.Church, a global community of worshipers that spans 11 states across the USA, in 36 locations nationwide. They report millions of annual downloads of inspirational videos and content, see tens of thousands of weekly views via YouTube, and offer more than 90 weekly services through Life.Church Online.

This team creates a lot of content for a large audience – with 10 YouTube channels of unique content, and over 100 million views across their channels, the nearly 50-person Life.Church creative and production team uses Celtx to create well over 120 minutes of original content per month.

Their internal creative media team consists of five distinctive groups focused on filmmaking, content development, graphic design & photography, strategy, and production. The Life.Church team has used Celtx for the past ten years to manage the logistics, locations, people, and props they use to create these videos. 

Loop Show is a
Life.Church production created with Celtx.

“Every month, our team of 50 creatives produce upwards of 120 minutes of high-quality content that people access and engage with around the world. We often have 6-20 people on set at one time, and even 70 people on set for special projects, so it’s vital for everyone to be on the same page. Before adopting Celtx, we didn’t have appropriate systems in place to help us schedule shoots, and we had many inefficiencies on set that unnecessarily drained our energy. Celtx brought our team together, and gave us much-needed cohesion. The interface is intuitive, so it’s easy to set shoot schedules and move scenes around when needed. The simplicity of the Celtx toolset helps us increase our efficiency so we can focus more of our energy on what we’re passionate about: creating quality content for our audience.”

Kirk Suttles
Team Lead, Life.Church Creative Media Production Team

During the writing and pre-production stage, Life.Church typically has anywhere from eight or more people working on a project: content leads that create the skeleton of the project, a writer, a filmmaker, a producer, a creative director, and a casting director, as well as graphic designers and a project coordinator.

Once they go to camera, depending on the type of media they’re creating, they can have anywhere from 6-20 people on set. On one special project, they had about 70 – all of whom use Celtx to stay on the same page.

Before adopting Celtx, Life.Church was “…flying by the seat of their pants,” with no systems in place to help their team organize; they often used Excel spreadsheets to lay out their shoot days. There were inefficiencies on set, and they found they were not able to schedule shoots in a way that worked. 

“ We’re a large team, and each person has multiple projects at different stages going on at the same time. All the times that we’ve looked into what’s available that is easy to use, easy to understand, and easy to onboard people, Celtx has always risen to the top. ”

Kirk Suttles
Team Lead, Life.Church Creative Media Production Team

They knew that there must be a better way to produce content, and as they started to integrate with Celtx, they found those efficiencies that led them to the success in content creation they currently enjoy. The intuitive and easy-to-use Celtx interface, and the built-in ability to collaborate virtually with remote team members, proved to be more beneficial than they expected. They’ve been able to increase the quality and volume of projects they work on, without increasing lead time or shoot lengths.

If you’d like to chat about how Celtx can help you and your professional team create great content and help you get to camera faster – please get in touch! You can head to to get started, with all tools free for your first 14 days.

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