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Perspectives: Celtx in the Classroom

by Celtx

Celtx’s professional-grade features and collaborative functionality makes it the ideal platform for teaching aspiring creatives the fundamentals of writing, planning, and managing film and video productions. Around the world, instructors at all levels of academia use Celtx to help their students develop the pre-production skills required by a demanding, fast-paced industry.

We caught up with one of our newest academic clients, William Donaruma from Indiana’s iconic University of Notre Dame, to hear about how he’s implementing Celtx in his classroom.

Bill describes his Digital Cinema Production class as a “boutique” offering. Where the main thrust of Notre Dame’s Department of Film, Television, and Theatre is based in critical studies like film theory, students can elect to study under Bill and his colleagues to get instruction on the whole filmmaking process – writing, directing, editing, and production planning.

“It’s definitely the case that film education is having to adapt to changes in technology, consumption, and distribution. I’ve needed to adapt to teaching digital filmmaking, and the workflow language is very different now. Also, students are getting their hands on their own gear so we need to provide a higher standard that can bring up their own level of experience.”

It’s these tech-savvy students that initially brought Celtx into Bill’s classroom. He requires proper script formatting, and they required mobility.

“Many of my students were using Celtx on their own. When I saw how robust it was, I tried it out with our advanced class last spring.”

This class started by using Celtx to collaborate on scripts, followed by pre-production work like creating shot lists and shooting schedules.  In Bill’s words, “the scheduling tool is pretty amazing.”

“I would definitely recommend Celtx to other educators. It’s a mobile source for many tools that film students need. Customer service has been very responsive, and I hate throwing more costs at the students. The rates are very reasonable for us to cover.”

We asked Bill what the best piece of advice is that he gives to all of his students. We were pretty pleased with the answer:

“Be prepared before you shoot, which is what Celtx enables them to do.”

If you’re interested in bringing Celtx into your classroom, check out our Schools page for further information.

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