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Our Professional Game & VR Tools Just Levelled Up

by Celtx

Our Game & VR project allows users to build very large and complex narratives that have the potential to contain significantly more content than the average script or screenplay. As the narrative design and writing process moves into production, it’s critical that you and your team are able to make broad editorial changes to your script content as quickly as possible.

The new Mass Edit feature makes this easy. With Mass Edit enabled, you’ll find an entirely new Reports module interface where all non-structural script elements can be filtered, isolated, and changed. Combined with built-in find and replace functionality and batch deletion, Mass Edit allows you to adjust large amounts of content instantly.

Game & VR Mass Edit tool.

Mass Edit is also fully collaborative and updates your script and Catalog in real time, ensuring that your changes are instantly visible to other members of your Studio team.

This isn’t the only update we’ve made to the Reports module. One of the Game & VR project’s most powerful capabilities is the creation of exportable data models that express the structure and content of your narrative, perfect for integrating into other broader development tools. A key element of this data model are the unique system IDs that are generated for each element in your script.

To enhance the parsability and readability of your data model and to improve the integration process, you can now complement our system IDs with Custom IDs of your own creation.

Game & VR Custom ID tool.

With the new Custom ID tool, you can use an expansive set of control codes to generate IDs for each type of script element that will contain whatever information you need to optimize your data management and integration efforts. 

Along with our Logic tools, Mass Edit and Custom IDs constitute the core of our growing professional featureset for Game & VR. If you’d like to use these tools to add more depth to your project and more power to your workflow, don’t hesitate to contact our sales team for a hands-on demo.

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