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Features Roundup – August 2nd, 2016

by Celtx

Our Features Roundups provide the latest information on new additions and improvements to your Celtx Studio’s production tools. Here’s what’s new this week!

Day Out Of Days Reports

celtx doods

The Day Out Of Days (or DooD) report is a fixture of production planning. After completing your shooting schedule, the Celtx DooD will provide you with a convenient snapshot of which production assets are required on each day of your shoot. These assets can include actors, locations, props, vehicles, or any other catalogue item that you identify in your script Breakdown and Catalog. The reports are instantly generated and dynamically updated whenever you make a change, and include industry standard Start/Work/Finish (SWF) details.

Scene Numbering

celtx scene numbering

Keeping track of your scene numbers is a key aspect of both the writing and production planning process. Celtx now includes automatic, customizable in-editor scene numbering to ensure your script is pre-production ready and in keeping with industry standards.

Scene Numbering is now activated by default in all new Celtx scripts. To disable it, or change the numbering format, you can use the Scene Number menu in the upper-right of your Script Editor.

Client Approval 2.0

celtx client approval

Being able to easily submit your work for approval is vital for any content creator. With that in mind, we’ve improved both the look and functionality of our Client Approval system. Client Approval allows you to share any of your Celtx project documents without having to bring the recipient into your Studio or requiring them to have a Celtx account, making it easy for them to review the document, leave comments, and approve or reject your submission.


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