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Making Celtx Work For Your Team

by Celtx

Say you’ve got a project coming down the pipe – you’ve got your idea, you’ve got your team assembled, and you’re greenlit to get to work. Where do you start?

Workflow in the world of film and video production is often idiosyncratic. While there’s a basic series of steps that are universal (writing the script, unpacking the script, organizing the shoot, going to camera), the manner in which teams execute this process tends to vary from organization to organization. Why? Simply put, there’s no full-spectrum platform to facilitate it.

Except ours.

The Celtx for Work (C4W) plan elevates your team above the pitfalls of jury-rigged production management: no stringing together of disparate offerings with endless emails and file hosting, no conversion pain between different pieces of software, and no convoluted permission and version control.

C4W offers a single, robust platform for seamless and collaborative writing, planning, and shooting of film and video projects. Everything from your script to your budget to your daily call sheets are synchronized, organized, and securely stored within an accessible online environment where you have complete administrative control.

Here’s how you can make C4W work for your team in four simple steps:

The C4W plan provides you with the ability to create teams of unlimited size without inflating the cost of your subscription. There will always be enough room for everyone, from your creative keys to clients and freelancers.



Add members to your Studio on a one-by-one basis or easily bulk onboard multiple users with a quick .CSV upload. Once they verify their accounts, you can also organize them into Groups for fast, specific mass-sharing of Celtx projects. Member accounts can be removed, swapped out, or taken over by you at any time. You decide whether they retain any material when they go.

C4W gives you unrestricted access to every Celtx project type, along with optional episodic functionality. This includes Hollywood-standard Film & TV scripts, commercially-oriented Two-Column scripts, and even our exciting new interactive narrative offering. You can share these projects with your team upon creation, or bring people in later.


Each project contains all the modules and documents you’ll need to take an idea from concept to camera. There’s no limit on how many projects you can have in your C4W Studio, and having multiple active projects assigned to different working groups is as simple as clicking ‘Create’.

You have complete control over access to your C4W projects, both as a whole and on a document-by-document basis. Want to hide the budget and catalog, allow script editing, and have the schedule read-only? No problem. For each member you’ve shared a project with, you can customize their ability to see, read, and edit different production documents on an individual level.


You don’t have to do this work alone, either. From your Studio Management menu, you have the option of giving certain team members Admin powers, which will allow them to take the reins on controlling permissions.


The beauty of the Celtx system is that multiple users can work together on multiple aspects of the pre-production process within a single, synchronized file. Your writers can enjoy live, presence-aware simultaneous writing within the script editor while other members can start breaking down script content and populating the catalog with production assets. Your accountant can manage the budget while your A.D.s and production coordinator work together on organizing the production schedule and drafting call sheets for mass distribution.

All of this happens within the same space, and everyone will always be on the same page with the most up-to-date material. Over all of this, you and your team admins retain total, real-time oversight.

Think Celtx for Work sounds like the right fit for your team? The best way to find out is by trying it for yourself. Sign up for a free C4W trial today! If you already have a Celtx account and are interested in a C4W subscription, don’t hesitate to contact our sales team.

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