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Introducing Schedule Insights

by Celtx

Scheduling your shoot can feel like an overwhelming task. Time is money, and the entire production hinges on having an intricately designed plan for ensuring that everything gets shot in the most efficient manner possible. At the same time, you need to account for a multitude of influencing factors, some of which will be out of your control.

Features like dynamic stripboards, multi-unit management, and automatic page 1/8ths already make creating your shooting schedule in Celtx an intuitive and self-contained process (and remove a lot of the legwork). With the introduction of Schedule Insights, we’ve further improved that process by providing a real-time status report on the scope of your shoot and your schedule’s progress.

celtx schedule insights

Insights will show you everything that’s going on in your shooting schedule at any given moment:

  • Your total shooting days, scenes, locations, and page count.
  • Interiors, Exteriors, Day scenes, and Night scenes.
  • Non-shooting production days (prep, moving, days off).

In addition to these broad statistics, Insights will track your progress by showing you which scenes and pages have been scheduled, unscheduled, or completed. It will also show you how many of your scheduled days have been completed, and how many are left to go.

Insights is now active in your projects’ scheduling tool. Sign in now and take a look. Think of it like an automatic top sheet for your schedule – it will keep you informed and able to easily communicate your production status throughout the entire shoot.

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