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Introducing Multi-Column AV

by Celtx

A Different Approach to Video Planning

Not everybody is making feature films, so why force yourself to use tools designed to accommodate feature film production?

This is not to say that traditional screenwriting and pre-production solutions are antiquated – they’re not. They are, however, designed around the logistical requirements of taking very large scripts through a highly departmentalized production process.

So, what if you’re trying to execute something smaller or more focused on immediate visual communication, such as a marketing video?

We’ve built a flexible solution for exactly that: short-form advertisement, marketing, industrial, and commercial video projects of all types. That’s why the in-house production team at Lockheed Martin is using Celtx to write and plan videos for their Space Systems division, like this one:

A Synthesized Approach to Writing

Our new Multi-Column AV Editor (MCAV) separates your descriptive writing from your dialogue and audio cues in distinct script containers in a shot-based script structure.

Each shot you create can be expanded to include a storyboard image component, as well as a highly detailed shot description interface. This allows your artists to create directly around your writing, or for your writers to work off of existing imagery.

Like all Celtx projects, the MCAV editor is fully collaborative. Your team can work together on projects in real time. In addition to the script and storyboard elements, each shot in your MCAV script can be expanded to include our most advanced shot list system to date.

You can now build out every aspect of each shot with a variety of pre-defined or custom descriptors, from shot size to focal length. The result is an instantly accessible and ready-for-set shot list that you can generate in a single click.

Designed with Presentation in Mind

The MCAV editor allows you to build visually evocative, stylish documents that are ready to pitch, whether internally or for clients. You can even switch to the storyboard-only view to create a digital presentation that’s perfect for a boardroom screening.

Production Ready

Like all Celtx products, your MCAV project includes all the additional pre-production and planning tools you’ll need to take your script to camera: budgets, schedules, catalogs, call sheets, and an internal distribution system to ensure that your team stays organized and efficient.

Available Now!

The new Multi-Column AV project type is waiting for you in your Celtx Studio. Sign in or sign up now and try a new approach for planning your next video.

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