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Introducing FUNDAMENTALS: A New Video Learning Series

Celtx is devoted to helping people develop ideas from the early stages of creation to the final stages of production, by giving creators and teams the tools they need to grow with their project. It stands to reason that we want to provide learning resources for our users that do the same, and that help foster creative thinking and make ideas a reality.

In the world of Film & TV production, no matter how big or small your project is, it always begins at the same starting point: the blank screen that will soon become page one of a screenplay. While nobody’s saying that screenwriting is easy, using Celtx makes the process of writing and developing a screenplay, whether alone or collaboratively with a team, simple and stress-free. That being said, the creative process that goes into finding and nurturing your idea can be daunting. We’ve been there! The feeling that there’s a great idea floating somewhere out there in a sea of thoughts and daily distractions is a big hurdle.

That’s why we’re excited to announce a new video series that will help you overcome those mental obstacles between you and your script. The series is titled FUNDAMENTALS, and over the course of 6 episodes, it serves as a step-by-step guide to developing a screenplay from scratch.

You can view Episode 1 of the FUNDAMENTALS series, titled The Logline, here:

FUNDAMENTALS Episode 1: The Logline

With this series, we want to provide a new type of resource that will inspire and educate new talent who are interested in the screenwriting process, but aren’t exactly sure where to begin. Most importantly, we hope that this series will convince anyone thinking about trying out screenwriting that it is achievable, and also incredibly fun and rewarding. By following the steps in each episode and completing the learning assignments, the process of script development is broken down into manageable chunks that will help maintain your productivity and your positivity.

FUNDAMENTALS actually has its origins right here, in the Celtx blog. The content for each episode is based on a past series of blog posts we created that were simply titled our Learning Series – you can still find them if you’d like to read ahead! In converting each of these posts into video form, we felt there was an opportunity to bring a new level of immersion into the lessons. The visual cues, whether examples of screenplay dialogue, images, or animated text, bring extra context (and a bit of extra character) to the learning process.

Our current work-from-home circumstances make it challenging to create any kind of content that involves a live video shoot. There are lots of ideas we have for future video projects that involve live footage, and we’ll be looking to explore these ideas further to bring you different types of videos to enjoy. For now, making a series using animation and voiceover narration seemed like the perfect solution.

Without the benefits of cloud-based production software, the video creation process would be a lot more difficult while stuck at home. Those workflow challenges are easily overcome by using cloud-based solutions like Celtx to share scripts, breakdowns and schedules. Remote video production and editing is now easily attainable. With a little creativity, a usb microphone, and a blanket draped over the computer, the home office can quickly turn into an impromptu sound recording studio. It may not look exactly high-end, but it gets results! 

Part recording studio, part blanket fort!

Whether you’re completely new to the game or an experienced screenwriter, we think you’ll find something to take away from this series. The writing process is one of constant learning and exploration, and while you should never limit yourself to following one creative formula, we think there’s a huge benefit to learning and re-learning some ground rules. 

By the end of this six-episode series, we hope you’ll come away educated and inspired about the screenwriting process. And if you follow along with our learning assignments, you might just come away with the screenplay for your next big project. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!


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