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Introducing Badges: What Can Your Writing Unlock?

by Celtx

Here at Celtx, we care about writers. While we can’t make your inner creative struggles any easier, we strive to provide tools that will make your workflow more intuitive, efficient, engaging, and dare we say more fun. It’s in that spirit of fun that we’ve introduced a new feature to our popular Script Insights tool: Badges!

celtx insights badges

Badges are earned while writing in Celtx. We’re not going to tell you exactly what you need to do to unlock them (the mystery is half the fun), but we can tell you that they’re designed around the existing analytics that Insights provides you with: session duration, writing performance, and script content (with a couple of wildcards thrown in for good measure).

When you earn a Badge, you can review it by opening Insights. Once a Badge is unlocked, you’ll be able to see how you got it, and also share it on Facebook and Twitter for bragging rights – everybody likes to show off, right?

We’ve currently released an initial lineup of nine Badges for you to discover, with many more coming soon.

celtx insights badges

It’s our way of saying “way to go” (even though some Badges are cheekier than others) and helping to keep you encouraged as you make your way through the creative process. Plus, they appeal to the compulsive collector and gamer in all of us. What can your writing unlock? Sign in to your Studio, crack those knuckles, and find out.

As always, it’s a great time to start creating.

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