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Introducing Automatic Call Sheets & Reports

by Celtx

On set, the daily call sheet reigns supreme. They’re your production’s marching orders, letting everyone know when and where they need to be to get the day’s scenes in the can – along with all the pertinent logistical information that will get them through the day. A shooting day can’t begin or end without getting an up-to-date and accurate call sheet into the hands of your cast and crew.

In production, things are guaranteed to change (especially at inconvenient times). Getting an accurate call sheet assembled, approved, and distributed is one of the most demanding jobs on set. With our latest redesign, we’ve made that job faster, easier, and less stressful. Here’s how:

Automatic Data Population

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For every day of your shoot, your Studio will handle the legwork by instantly pulling all pertinent information from your script, breakdown, shot list, and catalog to automatically populating your callsheets – ensuring accuracy, easy adjustments, and speed during the end-of-day scramble.

Industry-Standard Templates

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Look the part! Based on real-world examples, our newly redesigned call sheet template looks just like the ones your cast and crew are used to working with: clean, concise, packed with info, and printer friendly. If you want to take greater control over your formatting, you can export to Google Sheets with a single click.

Built-In Distribution

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Distro is now a one-click process. With our new crew grid template and automatic production catalog referencing, you can instantly publish your call sheets and reports packages, customize mailing lists, and easily handle push, pull, and re-issues without having to leave your Schedule module.

The new Call Sheets & Reports system is now live in your Celtx Studio, available for all new projects. Sign in now and check it out!

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