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Interactive Narrative Design is Here

by Celtx

There’s a new project type available in your Celtx Studio that offers you an entirely new way to write. It’s called Game & VR, and it provides you with a sophisticated set of tools that will take your creativity to new heights.

Ever wanted to craft a story where choices and conditions influence how it plays out? Whether your project is a video game, a virtual reality experience, or an interactive film, the Game & VR project makes the process simple.

Non-linear narrative design is now cloud-based, collaborative, and a click away. The Game & VR project takes the writer-friendly experience of using a screenplay-style script editor and merges it with a dynamic, customizable Story Map that visualizes the structure of your narrative.

Start from scratch by building out your story structure in a versatile virtual canvas complete with drawing tools, one-touch branching, and custom templates. Or, just start on page one and see where the story takes you. No matter what approach you take to tackling your narrative design, your Game & VR project scales seamlessly to the level of complexity that your story requires.

This isn’t just tying text to a flow chart. The Game & VR project comes fully equipped with both writer and developer focused features that ensure the content you create is resource-rich and ready for export. You can use the Interactive Dialogue tool to write intricate branching conversations between characters, or take a deep dive into your story with the In-Line Breakdown Mode to identify and track different permutations of narrative assets.

With the Game & VR project, you’re not just writing a story – you’re building a comprehensive data model. The structure of your narrative and the connectivity of its various components are automatically captured in an expansive catalog and reporting system, ready for export in both .JSON and .CSV formats for easy integration into other development tools.

The Game & VR project is free to try, and is available in both a standalone Game Production plan or as part of the complete Celtx Studio bundle. Sign up or sign in now to experience this one of a kind creative environment.

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