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Improved Index Cards

by Celtx

There’s a reason why Index Cards constitute one of Celtx’s most popular features: the concept of using them as an organizational system for ideas goes back to the infancy of screenwriting. They’re versatile, mutable, and iconic – there’s few things more invigorating to a screenwriter than seeing your entire story structure laid out in front of you, ready to be taken to the next level.

All romance aside, they also have some old school drawbacks. They’re intricate, detached, and static. It can be frustrating to tear yourself away from your writing to walk across the room and study a corkboard (or tab over to a separate document), just as it can be frustrating to attempt to reorganize them and suddenly find yourself lost. That’s why we’ve made some changes.

We’ve kept the familiarity and essential functionality of the old Index Cards and turned them into a fully integrated story development tool. Index Cards can now be created, accessed, and edited within the script editor, adding greater depth and control to your screenwriting process by making your ideas easier to reference and organize.

The Index Cards sidebar will automatically create dedicated containers and cards for every scene you write. This allows you to create expansive, customized card sets that are directly linked to specific parts of your script. Whenever you review a scene or sequence, you’ll be instantly navigated to the corresponding cards. This allows you to stay in the moment as you write, with all of your prep-work discreetly integrated for review or refinement.

Want to work from scratch? Take your story from beat sheet to first draft in a single click. The Index Cards document lets you create cards from the ground up, then use them to instantly generate fully formatted scripts.

Improved Index Cards are included in all paid plans and available for free users to sample with a 24 hour trial.

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