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First Time Filmmaking with Celtx

by Celtx

Whether through education discounts, short film competitions, or sponsorships, Celtx has a longstanding tradition of engaging, embracing, and supporting first time filmmakers. In our hometown of St. John’s, the Nickel Independent Film Festival invited our product team to lead a session as part of their annual Film School in a Day workshop.

Participants in this workshop are given a high-level crash course on the elements of film production from working professionals: screenwriting, sound engineering, editing, production design, directing, marketing, and more. Celtx’s job was to help the aspiring filmmakers understand the importance of planning.

“I wanted to focus on some overlooked elements of filmmaking that I think are critical to a project’s success, including pre-production, so I approached Celtx to lead an information session on their software. My hope was that through learning how to navigate the Celtx suite, participants would walk away with a clear picture of the process of organizing a film shoot at any level experience. The workshop was a huge success!”
-Devin Shears, Director of Programming. NIFF

Celtx is an immensely popular platform at all levels of the education sector, from summer camps to technical colleges to universities. The primary reason for this is the highly collaborative and integrated hierarchy of the product. From the first draft of the screenplay to the daily shooting schedule, Celtx helps its users accelerate each step while automatically prepping the next one. 

This approach ensures that details don’t get missed, that every team member stays informed, and that educators are able to maintain complete oversight on all of their students’ work. In addition, our industry standard approach to document creation inherently trains users in proper terminology and workflow.

“Celtx acts as a bridge between all these disparate elements so that everyone is on the same page. I think one of the most overwhelming processes for early filmmakers is just figuring out how to organize the whole thing – if you have a film that is jumping around between different times and locations, putting together schedules and call sheets and shot lists can be really daunting.

However, I am continually impressed by how simple Celtx makes this process, so that it not only serves folks further along in the industry but small, independent crews as well. Good organization is critical at any level, and Celtx definitely can make that process easier for beginners.”

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