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Features Roundup – September 6th, 2016

by Celtx

Our Features Roundups provide the latest information on new additions and improvements to your Celtx Studio’s production tools. Here’s what’s new this week!

Budget Fringes

celtx budget fringes

Professional productions require professional budgeting. To help you keep your budget up to industry specs, we’ve introduced an easy to implement Fringes function that can be applied to any of your budget’s line items. In film production, fringes generally refer to extra fees that are added to the pay rates of your crew. Fringes include things like payroll tax, union dues, and various types of insurance contributions.

In Celtx, you can create any number of custom Fringes from the Actions menu in your Project’s budget. Set the Fringe name, description, rate, and cutoff (the maximum sum that you are required to pay into a specific fringe). You can then add Fringes to any of your budget items. The required Fringe payments will then be automatically calculated and added to that item’s estimated budget.

The Budget Fringes tool is now active in the Celtx Studio and available to trial users and to users subscribed to Standard or Professional plans.

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