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Features Roundup – October 31st, 2016

by Celtx

Our Features Roundups provide the latest information on new additions and improvements to your Celtx Studio’s production tools. Here’s what’s new this week!

Page 1/8ths

Eighths of a page are the industry standard for estimating how much your crew will be shooting on a given day. When it comes to scripted content, nobody plans in minutes of footage – they plan in pages.

celtx page eighths

Effectively, each page of your script is eight inches long. By dividing each page into eighths, each of your scenes will have a unique length based upon the amount of page space that they occupy (i.e. 1/8th, 2/8ths, 3/8ths). When scheduling a shooting day, adding together the individual lengths of the scenes you wish to shoot will give you a total page count (i.e. 2 & 1/8 pages). These page counts are the most common shorthand for estimating how much work needs to get done, as well as a convenient method for tracking how much of your script has been shot.

Traditionally, determining pages was an affair of eyeballing and rulers. In Celtx, we do it for you – instantly. When you generate your stripboard, you will now see on which pages your scenes appear, as well as their corresponding page eighths. When you break your stripboard down into shooting days, each one will feature an automatically calculated total page count.

celtx page eighths

Additionally, each scene’s page count will now be included on your call sheets, making it easier for your cast and crew to get a solid idea of how much work they’ve got to look forward to.

Page 1/8ths are now active in the Celtx Studio and available to Standard and Professional users. Happy scheduling!

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