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Crowdsourcing Talent with the Celtx Exchange

by Celtx

With hundreds of thousands of active creatives working in our Studios every month, Celtx serves as a hub for a vast, diverse, and engaged international community. Bringing creative teams together and facilitating convenient, seamless collaboration is our primary objective, and with the recent release of our new and improved Celtx Exchange, we’ve made it easer than ever for our community to connect, interact, and work with one another.

The Exchange is an integrated social network within your Celtx Studio. It’s open to each and every user, and provides a unique platform for you to describe your experience, interests, and ambitions, show off your portfolio, connect with other like minded creators, and develop a personalized creative network.

celtx exchange

Are you a screenwriter looking for an editor? A producer looking for pitches? A cinematographer looking for a gig? Perhaps just looking for feedback on your latest Celtx project? The Exchange will recommend other users for you to connect with and show you who’s looking for collaborators.

celtx exchange

Unlike other industry forums, the Exchange also allows you instantly begin working with your Connections, directly in your Celtx Studio. In effect, the Exchange is a place for creatives to crowdsource the talent necessary for making their next film or video project a reality.

celtx exchange

With thousands of creatives already active in the Exchange, it’s a great time to put yourself out there. To get started, just sign in to your studio, create your Exchange Profile, and start connecting. Your next great project, creative partnership, or leading role just might be a click away.


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