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Chart Your Path Forward in Narrative Design with Celtx Gem

Celtx Gem

Developing a game narrative isn’t just about writing – it’s about world-building, cultivating three-dimensional characters, and architecting immersive storytelling experiences. Most importantly, it’s about collaboration.

After years of development in partnership with industry-leading narrative teams, we’re pleased to announce the launch of Celtx Gem: a major update to Celtx’s dedicated solution for the collaborative design, writing, and planning of narrative content for video games and interactive media.

Powered by an entirely new purpose-built tech stack, Celtx Gem facilitates a streamlined, accessible, and visually rich creative experience. Backed up by a powerful and performant real-time collaboration model, your entire team can work together on writing, organizing, and managing your game’s narrative at an unprecedented scale.

Celtx Gem

Designers and writers will feel at home in a familiar screenplay-style editor that compliments an easy-to-use and expansive visual Story Map, where logic and asset identification can be layered directly into the story content with a click.

Developers and engineers will find that every moving part of the story is individually identified and automatically tracked at a granular level. They will have instantaneous access to comprehensive, exportable data models that can be thoroughly customized and integrated into other pipeline tools at any point in the process.

From the simplest narratives to the most complex, Celtx Gem provides both a comfortable and enjoyable creative platform and the kind of massive, off-the-shelf technical lift that is normally reserved for bespoke internal platforms.

Celtx Gem

Learn More About Celtx Gem

If you consider rolling your narrative solution for your next project, take a look at Celtx Gem first. Our latest narrative design tool for interactive media creators lets you focus on telling your story, while we handle the rest.

For more information visit the Celtx Gem website.


  • Stephen Stanford

    Stephen Stanford is the Product Owner of Celtx Gem. Born in Newfoundland and based in Toronto, Stephen was originally trained in film production and screenwriting, and also serves as Celtx's Writer-In-Residence.

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