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Celtx & Project Volare

by Celtx

Here at Celtx, we often enthuse over the fact technology has rapidly accelerated the accessibility of filmmaking. It’s an invigorating reality that harkens back to our origins as a company: we’re all about figuring out new ways to demystify the production process and making it easy for anybody to take the first steps towards making their creative vision a reality.

So, when Jonah & Joel Guelzo approached us with their novel proposal for using a polished, intriguing dramatic webseries as a medium for teaching aspiring filmmakers some technique, theory, and practical advice – for free – it wasn’t a difficult decision to throw in our hat as a sponsor.

Project Volare’s concept is unique: a six-part webseries is released over the course of a six-week season. After each episode, an accompanying video provides behind-the-scenes insight into how the webseries is being produced, along with best-practices workshops with experts on a variety of subjects: writing, acting, directing, sound recording, and more. 

Admission to Project Volare is open to anyone, and participation is free. Students are able to interact directly with the filmmakers and gain a chance to win valuable filmmaking assets on a weekly basis from a slew of industry leading sponsors (including some free one-year subscriptions to a fully-featured Celtx Studio!).

Want to get involved? Head over to Project Volare, register, and start learning!

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