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Celtx Versus Snowmageddon


Despite our being a longstanding fixture of the film, television, and video production industry, Celtx isn’t located as close to the action as you might think. After the last week, however, part of us is starting to wish we were.

We’re not from Hollywood or Silicon Valley. We’re from Newfoundland. It’s a rugged and remote island in the North Atlantic known for its natural splendor and colorful culture. It’s also known for its occasionally apocalyptic weather.

In the wee hours of January 17th, we were hit with a historic blizzard cheerfully dubbed Snowmageddon 2020. You might have seen it on the news. In the span of 48 hours, our fair city of St. John’s found itself quite literally buried by enormous snowdrifts, wracked by extreme winds, and without power in punishingly cold temperatures. A State of Emergency was declared, and the military was dispatched to come to our aid (with shovels). It also didn’t slow us down – here’s what we did:

We’re not the kind of company to rest on laurels or pat ourselves on the back. We’re writing this with two objectives in mind: to share some imagery from the storm that’ll wow our users from warmer climes, and to remind everyone who uses Celtx that no matter where you are (or where we are, for that matter), we’ve got your back. Despite the adversarial conditions, our entire team worked together to maintain normal day-to-day operations.

We may be from a small place, but our presence is global. With hundreds of thousands of active users in 190 countries relying on us every day, we’re not going to let a little snow get in the way of delivering on our dedication to excellent customer service and continuous improvements to the Celtx experience.

So, don’t hold the isolation or bad weather against us. We even get summer sometimes. The point is that regardless of what unexpected events may occur, your creative efforts in Celtx are safe, secured on a state-of-the-art AWS cloud, and watched over by a hearty and dedicated crew (who are very sore from shovelling). Rest assured, our snowstorms will never affect your work.


  • Stephen Stanford is the Product Owner of Celtx Gem. Born in Newfoundland and based in Toronto, Stephen was originally trained in film production and screenwriting, and also serves as Celtx's Writer-In-Residence.

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