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Seeds Challenge 1 Winner Interview: Carter Fawcett

by Celtx
Carter Fawcett is our Celtx Seeds Challenge 1 Winner, editor and director of Fishing Trip as well as a corporate video producer. We caught up with Carter earlier this week while he was attending the Sundance Film Festival.

About Fishing Trip

Fishing trip was originally made for the ‘It’s Only a Movie’ short horror film fest based out of Thanksgiving Point, Utah, just up the road from where Carter lives: “Although we didn’t win it was a great experience to see your film up on a theatre screen, and seeing how people react to it.”

It was the first time Carter had seen his film shown on a big screen in a legitimate theatre. But he’s no newcomer to filmmaking and video creation. Carter is a known corporate video freelancer in Salt Lake City. We asked him how he first got his start in corporate video:

“That’s a big, interesting story. Basically, friends knew I did video so occasionally I would get offers to do stuff (with them). Then I had one of my uncle’s offer me an internship with a business called The Ready Store. They do emergency preparedness. After working with them for a bit my sister sent a job ad for a housing company where I collaborated with another production company in the Valley. I started working for them for a bit, then decided to start marketing myself. And that was that. It’s been hard, and summer is really my busiest time. I don’t do a whole lot of it during school because well let’s be honest school take a big chunk of my time, as does my other job. But my other job is great. I work on Campus in the University’s studio and that’s where I met all my co workers.) Basically a big way of saying I had some really good luck, and, to get a bit religious, big blessings to get to where I’m at right now.”

For Fishing Trip, Carter collaborated with ten cast and crew in a single-day 12 hour shoot. It helped that he already knew how to work with most of them as they all met while working in Studios and Broadcast Services at Utah Valley University (only the Dad and Son actors weren’t co-workers). But there were some surprises along the way.

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Fortunately, working together in Celtx helped the team stay focused. Starting off with a collaborative, problem-solving approach by working on the script with Brendan Larkin and Austen Benley they were set to keep their team on track from breakdown to not breaking down in the middle of the lake.

“Brendan was the one that really wrote the script. Brendan, Austin, and I came up with the idea and occasionally we would take a look at changes on Celtx (with the share or collaborate feature it has) which was nice because we could make changes from anywhere and look at changes from anywhere. I did the breakdown myself. They didn’t look at it much until it was finished, but they would occasionally be like ‘oh we need to add this’ or ‘we don’t need this’.”

The Celtx Seeds Grant

We’re happy to reward this team the first Seeds grant of $3000, which they’ll be putting towards a short they’re working on this summer. We’ve got our fingers crossed that Carter will be entering our next Seeds Challenge as well.

“My senior project is based as a web series. It centers around food (don’t want to give away too many details yet). I’ll just have to see if our group can get everything in place and get a pilot episode cut by then.”

If you’re thinking of entering Seeds, Carter has some advice for anyone looking to get into filmmaking or corporate video:

“Just go out and practice. Find a group of people who are reliable and have passion. Work hard! The biggest thing that has helped me is to just be a nice person! You may have the best talent in the world, but if you’re not a nice person no one will want to work for you or with you.”


Thanks to Carter and his crew: Bendan Larkin (Director/Producer), Reggie Hansen (Cinematographer/Producer), Austin Benley (Music Composer/Grip), John Yelland (Key Grip), Kelton Davis (Colorist), Marc Gingell (VFX), Jamie Larkin (Transport/ Craft Services), Candida Johnson (Ghoul), Johnathan Slajer (Kid) and Pete Day (Dad).

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