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Celtx Screenplay: A New Screenwriting App for Windows Users

Many of our Windows desktop users have asked for a dedicated screenplay writing app, and we’re pleased to announce the release of Celtx Screenplay.

Celtx Screenplay is a standalone progressive web app available for free in the Microsoft Store that gives you the ability to access, edit, and create new Celtx film and TV scripts.

Celtx Screenplay was built with screenplay writers in mind. Its easy-to-use interface, collaborative features, and intuitive import functionality are just some of the great Celtx tools you can access through this app. 

Work online from the cloud, work offline and sync later, and collaborate with your team. 

If you have an existing Celtx account, you can use your existing credentials. If you’re new to Celtx, you can set up a new account or sign up using your Microsoft account or Google login information.

Additionally, Celtx Screenplay allows you to take your scripts offline so you can work on them without an active internet connection.

Key Features of the Celtx Screenplay app for Windows:

Best of all, scripts created in Celtx Screenplay are connected to all of the additional screenwriting and pre-production tools available online at

While you’re working on your script, if you need features beyond the screenplay editor, such as index cards, storyboards, or breakdown, you can access your full studio by clicking on View Full Studio. This allows you to easily jump in and out of the full studio when you need it, and return to Celtx Screenplay if your focus is solely on writing your script.

To learn more about how to use Celtx Screenplay, watch our Help Center video.

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  • Noel Moffatt, a graduate of Memorial University in St.John's NL, now works as an SEO specialist for Celtx to help people transform great ideas into scripts.

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