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Celtx Chats with KITS National Short Screenplay Winner Rodney Jackson-Brown

Kids In The Spotlight is an organization made up of amazing mentors and partners with the shared mission to engage youth in foster care, empower them tell their stories, and help them to be heard.

As the world started to adapt to the changes in our everyday lives brought by COVID-19, KITS found themselves quickly shifting the scope and delivery of their program. A variation on KITS’ local, LA-based program, their National Short Screenplay Competition brought together youth from across the United States and allowed them to learn and grow among peers and supporters in a time when social-distancing and self isolation were becoming a broad-reaching, collective experience.

We’re grateful for having been able to contribute in a small way to the success of this program and are so inspired by the KITS family of mentors and fellows. As part of our partnership, we were able to provide the winner of Best Short Screenplay with a Celtx subscription to ensure they have the tools they need to keep working on their craft and to keep learning and growing.

At the end of June this year, Rodney Jackson-Brown was announced as the winner of the competition with his script Bully; a story about a father and son who are struggling to maintain their relationships after a tragedy has struck their family. Rodney’s script will be produced by Kids In The Spotlight later this year, and we can’t wait to see it!

With the help of KITS Program Director Martin Russell Johnson, we planned a short call with Rodney to congratulate him on his achievement and to talk about his script. We were excited to let Rodney know he’d have a free Celtx subscription to help take his scriptwriting to the next level, and even more excited to add another surprise to the call.

You can check out the short version here (the fun stuff!)

If you’d like to learn more bout Rodney, his script Bully, and the relationship between KITS and Celtx, you can watch the extended version of our interview here:

To learn more about Kids In The Spotlight or to learn how you can help support the program, visit

Keep an eye out for more opportunities and initiatives like these on our social media channels – we’re always working on building these new relationships, and look forward to sharing them with our global community.


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