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Celtx and Community: Why Industry Partnerships are Important

by Celtx

The Celtx Team has been working hard over these past few difficult months to develop new partnerships that support filmmaking and screenwriting communities, as we try to find different ways to continue doing what we do best: creating meaningful content and art, and learning about the craft.   

Celtx’s screenwriting and pre-production software has always embraced the promise of technology in accelerating the accessibility of filmmaking and screenplay writing. For our communities of writers and creators, though, support requires more than access to the proper tools.

Supporting communities necessitates time, effort, and care – it requires a lot of listening to what folks in each community actually need to achieve their artistic objectives. It means having those conversations with people looking for resources and support, and offering up what you can to build solutions together that make a difference. 

Taking all of this into consideration, and through speaking with our users and clients about what their needs are at this time, Celtx has created a new Industry Series of webinars, along with other resources to be used in this collective journey to a new normal of production and education. We’ve offered Celtx tools to educators and professionals who needed them, so that writing and pre-production planning could continue virtually between teams – but we haven’t stopped there. 

Sponsorships and partnerships with industry-oriented organizations are integral to supporting filmmaking and screenwriting communities. The Celtx Team has always believed this to be true, but it has become more important than ever in recent months.

Community-led organizations innately know what their specific community or region is in need of most, and they do all of the essential work on the ground to organize. Sponsoring or partnering up with these initiatives can aid in providing what’s needed, and in the way that can affect real change and growth.

We would like to take this opportunity to celebrate some of the amazing work that film communities we’ve had the pleasure of partnering with have accomplished during this time of change and tension. 

Bronx Film Initiative

BFI serves New York City youth who have an undeniable urge to create and tell stories- but lack the means and resources to do so. By connecting participants with experts in digital media, BFI gives valuable hands-on experiences – they’re literally “Bridging the gap between dreamers and doers.” Thousands of teens in the Bronx and surrounding cities lack adequate resources for creative expression. BFI is helping to change this narrative by providing them the experience of creating a work of art from scratch!

We at Celtx are pleased to be providing our online tools to participants, and to be providing judging panel support for their Stuck to the Script virtual challenge. The lucky winner of the challenge will have their script turned into a short film!

BFI is still accepting applications for participation in their Stuck to the Script virtual screenwriting challenge! To apply, please head to their website. 

Kids in the Spotlight

Kids in the Spotlight (KITS) is based in Los Angeles, and is an organization that seeks to engage youth in foster care via storytelling and filmmaking. The platform they provide helps these young people to be seen, heard, validated and celebrated. They provide a safe environment for their participants to explore filmmaking, teamwork, creativity, and discipline to express themselves and confront their trauma. Due to COVID-19, they’ve this year expanded their screenwriting course into an online program serving youth in foster care from across the United States.

We’ve provided this year’s participants with our online tools to help them focus more on creating and less on formatting. We also had the pleasure of participating in one of the course’s online classes to talk scriptwriting theory. We can’t wait to see what they create!

To donate, please visit their website.

Cooped Up Young Creatives Film & Video Festival

This initiative was created by highschool students, for highschool students! This month-long challenge for US high school students took place in May, and will culminate in a Film Festival to celebrate all of the participant’s work of art. In the organizer’s words: “The pandemic changed our lives. It doesn’t have to change our desire to create!”

Celtx has provided in-kind donations for the winners of all 3 categories. To see the winning films, head to their Youtube Channel!

To find out how to get involved in their next project, please visit their website.

The Nickel Independent Film Festival and Perchance Theatre

We love to support local here in Newfoundland, and we would be remiss not to mention these two incredible organizations.

The Nickel Independent Film Festival facilitates opportunities for local screenwriters and filmmakers, including workshops, webinars, screenings, and virtual challenges. Celtx most recently collaborated with NIFF on hosting a virtual session on writing short scripts. 

Perchance Theatre is near and dear to our hearts. This incredible company of creatives produces and presents classical theatre with a focus on Shakespeare each summer in Cupids, Newfoundland and Labrador. They’ve recently had to pivot to a virtual series of events for their summer season, and the Celtx Team is looking forward to helping organize some interesting workshops on stageplay writing. 

Keep an eye out for more opportunities and initiatives like these on our Social Media channels – we’re always working on building these new relationships, and look forward to sharing them with our global community.

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