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Breaking Down The Roles: 1st & 2nd AD

We were happy to announce our second webinar in the Celtx Industry Series set for June 30th, 12:30PM EST. Breaking Down The Roles: 1st & 2nd AD, co-hosted by Chris Agoston and Shannon Hawes of Netflix’s new series Sex/Life.

When the Celtx Team started seeking out potential partners for this Industry Series webinar, we wanted to find working professionals that anyone in the film & television industry could relate to. So we started discussing a partnership with two experienced AD’s that have worked on well known series such as Locke and Key, The Plateaus, Republic of Doyle, Designated Survivor, and Star Trek Discovery.

We thought Shannon and Chris would be the perfect team to facilitate this conversation, and that their experiences would prove to be valuable to our community. Plus, the Netflix series Sex/Life series currently being produced looks like it’s going to be great!

Professionals and beginners alike were welcome to join us for a discussion with Chris and Shannon on the importance of the Assistant Director (AD) role in productions. This webinar and discussion allowed participants to hear from two experienced ADs working together as a team; Chris in the role of 1st AD and Shannon as 2nd. 

We explored questions like:

If you’re interested in learning about production team roles, or looking to revamp your own pre-production and production management workflows with insight from the industry: this webinar is for you. Watch Breaking Down The Roles: 1st & 2nd AD here:

More about our Co-Hosts:

Shannon Hawes is a Producer and 2nd AD, originally from Celtx’s home base St. John’s, Newfoundland. Shannon is a 2nd Assistant Director with the Director’s Guild of Canada and has worked professionally in film for over 15 years. Shannon’s resume includes; the MGM feature film Everything, Everything starring Amandla Stenberg, CBS’s Star Trek Discovery working alongside legendary actor/director Jonathan Frakes, and Netflix’s critically acclaimed Locke and Key.

Chris Agoston is a Producer, Director, and 1st AD in Toronto, Ontario. Chris’s recent producing work has spanned across feature film and digital series, and his next feature Hammer, starring Will Patton & Mark O’Brien, will see a theatrical release in both Canada and the US in June 2020. In addition to being a member of the Director’s Guild of Canada, Agoston is an alumnus of the Cineplex Entertainment Film Producers Lab at the Canadian Film Centre, the Berlinale Talents, and the Studio Programme at the Toronto International Film Festival.

If you’d like to keep up to date on upcoming Celtx Industry Series webinars, please follow our social channels – we’ll be posting more information about upcoming topics and how to register here:

You can find our previous Celtx Industry Series webinars right here on our blog! Check out Creating A Toolkit For Film Production Instructors to view the recording, and find out more information about what we’ve covered so far.

Have any topics you would like to see covered in the Celtx Industry Series? Please let us know in the comments – The Celtx Team is here to help you, so we’d love to hear what you would like to learn more about. 


  • Noel Moffatt, a graduate of Memorial University in St.John's NL, now works as an SEO specialist for Celtx to help people transform great ideas into scripts.

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