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Attention Game Writers: We’ve Made Some Changes

by Celtx
Game & VR

Celtx’s Game & VR project is designed to make writing complex interactive narratives an intuitive and enjoyable experience. While there will be a variety of exciting new advanced Game & VR features arriving this year, it’s still important to focus on improving the basics.

So, we’ve updated the Game & VR Editor with a number of improvements that will make your interactive storytelling a faster, prettier, and more manageable experience.

New Features

Game & VR Advanced Search

At last, the Game & VR editor now features an advanced Search tool. You can now search your entire Story Map and all associated content for text matches, and filter results by element and category. No more getting lost in your own creation!

Callback Creator

Users with access to our Conditions & Variables package will also find a useful new tool called the Callback Creator. This feature references any existing variables you’ve created and uses them to generate predefined conditional structures in your Story Map, making the integration of game logic with your writing a one-click process.

Visual Improvements

Game & VR Color Picker

As your Story Map grows, it’s important that it stays easy on the eye. We’ve changed active node selection to be more parsable, and added some automatic highlighting to indicate parent nodes. In addition to this, jump nodes are now larger and able to display title text. Best of all, a color picker has now been added, allowing an unlimited amount of visual customization.

Workflow Improvements

Game & VR Context Menu

As the Game & VR feature-set continues to grow, so has the context menu. It’s been redesigned in a nested configuration, keeping important tools grouped together for faster Story Map creation.

In that same spirit of speed, sequences can now be renamed via the branch menu, making it easy to change placeholders. Speaking of placeholders, there are no longer restrictions on sequences having the same name, making Story Map prototyping a breeze.

Rename Branches

In addition to this, mass duplication of Story Map structures and content is now available through a new Copy & Paste tool, making it easy to repurpose or workshop alternate versions of your existing content.

All of these features are now available in your Celtx Studio. Log in now and try them out! If you need some further instruction, detailed information on how to use them is available in our Help Center.

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