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Celtx Industry Series | AMA with Brian Levant: Hollywood Writer, Director & Producer – Part II

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Brian Levant - Ask Me Anything

The Celtx Industry Series was excited to host another Ask Me Anything session September 2021! Since the first AMA was such a great success, and because there were so many questions left unanswered, the Celtx Team wanted to provide a second opportunity for you to ask Hollywood writer, director, and producer Brian Levant about his five decades of experience in the Film & TV industry.

Participants joined us on Friday, September 24th for Ask Me Anything with Brian Levant: Hollywood Writer, Director & Producer – Part II. Watch a recording of the AMA session below.

During his time being a part of the Film & TV industry, Brian Levant has been at the creative helm of some of the biggest franchises in family entertainment. Levant’s more than 400 television credits include being the showrunner of Happy Days, Mork  & Mindy, and The Bad News Bears series.

Brian has been using Celtx as the tool of choice for his Sitcom Boot Camps at the Universities of New Mexico and Arizona – and we were so excited that he agreed to join us for another Ask Me Anything to discuss his career and experiences, and to share some of his advice.

Meet Our Co-Host

Ask Me Anything - Film & TV

After winning the 1989 Cable Ace Award as Best Director in a Comedy Series for his long running Leave it to Beaver revival, Levant turned his attention to writing and directing feature films. Among Levant’s feature directing credits are the original Beethoven, the two Steven Spielberg produced Flintstones films, Jingle All the Way starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Snow DogsAre We There Yet, and the 2010 Jackie Chan vehicle, The Spy Next Door

In addition, Levant has produced, written, or directed another 10 network and cable films, including the Starz Network first original  production The Adventures of Captain Zoom in Outer Space and the two live action/CGI Scooby-Doo films, which remain the Cartoon Network’s highest rated programs of all-time. Illumination Entertainment is currently in pre-production on Levant’s original CGI-animated musical feature, which is being produced and the music written by Pharrell Williams. 

It is near impossible to list all the awards and credits Brian has amassed during his career in the Film & TV industry. But he’s not just a director, writer, and producer:

  • Levant is a nationally recognized toy and pop culture collector, and is the author and designer of  MY LIFE AND TOYS, the upcoming book of his collections. 
  • Nearly every year since the late 1970s, Levant has lectured at his alma mater, the University of New Mexico, where he is currently running his fourth annual Sitcom Boot Camp class.
  • For the past three years, Brian has taught the same class as an  Adjunct Professor at the University of Arizona, where for the last 22 years, he has regularly spoken to and worked with film students. 
  • Levant has also led six editions of his Sitcom Lab seminars with the Hanson Film and TV Institute, where students create autobiographical situation comedies and pitch them over Zoom to studio and network executives and showrunners.
  • Brian has also made dozens of appearances at Columbia College’s Semester in L.A. program, Arizona State University, George R.R. Martin’s Stagecoach Foundation, Long Beach State, USC, and the American Film Institute.

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